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IRIE Targeted Ads

IRIE Targeted Ads

Reach the cannabis friendly market in the USA and Canada

Why IRIE Targeted Ads?

  • Your ads will be placed on a cannabis friendly advertising network in Canada and legal jurisdictions in the US

  • Advertise your locations, products, specials, brands, websites on a macro or micro level

  • 100% compliant with USA and Canadian advertising laws. Target consumers 21+

  • Increase awareness and drive new customers into your location

Campaign Budget:
$3,000 per month campaign budget.

Includes advertising budget and campaign management for 100,000 impressions.

Please note that it is up to the advertising client to ensure they are following all local and federal laws regarding cannabis advertising. 

Please refer to these links for more information: 

USA cannabis legality by state  

Canadian advertising regulations  

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-bundled for convenience - we take the guesswork out of what targeting tactics to deploy for success

  • Verified tracking - our team will provide and test to be sure your retargeting pixel is properly firing before setting the campaign live

  • Transparent results are available in our live dashboard, including on what websites your ads served, when they were seen and whether a customer took action, if conversions are enabled

  • Robust data elements - our dashboard can show which ads are garnering the most engagement and clicks

  • 5 conversion points are included in our tracking, allowing you to track engagement, interest and action

  • Campaign optimization - our campaign managers are incentivized to hit key KPIs like foot traffic and click-thru rates. This ensures a real human is paying attention to your campaign performance

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