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Seed to Sale (S2S) Software

IRIE Systems has partnered with Elevated Signals, as a seed-to-sale software solution, because they are turning the cannabis ERP industry on its head with something new all while providing cannabis growers with a competitive edge. Elevated Signals is used by some of the largest producers in North America, as well as enterprise, mid-size and craft cultivation & processing facilities across the world.

Elevated Signals

Free your teams from time consuming paper-based processes, frustrating seed-to-sale (S2S) platforms, and old-school legacy ERPs. Give them the software they need to be efficient and competitive. 

Elevated Signals provides cannabis producers with GMP-validated, user-friendly cannabis manufacturing software that combines batch production, quality compliance, BI and environmental data into a single platform. Elevated Signals is a central platform that links all these moving parts together to generate digital production batch records and instant visibility into your entire manufacturing operation.

The software helps users spend less time battling paper, spreadsheets, and seed-to-sale software by giving them visibility of their entire cannabis manufacturing process - helping them to be more profitable, efficient and competitive. 

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  • Track the status and location of each product

  • Create work orders and reports that align with your cultivation and processing methods

  • Download inventory reports


  • QA Program quickly identifies audit risks

  • Customized forms can be built complete with GMP digital signatures

  • Improve information flow between Operations and Quality teams

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  • Comply with FDA, Health Canada and EU-GMP regulations

  • Generate and download paperless batch records

  • Chain of custody documents with audit trials

Sensors and Enviroment

  • Real-time insights into your manufacturing environment

  • Sensor data can be linked to locations and batches

  • Your own sensors can be integrated using the Elevated Signals API

  • Use historical data and leading indicators to inform future state performance

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  • Non-cannabis inventory can be tracked

  • Real-time inventory data can make completing audits 

  • Create reports (batch life cycle analysis, ledger reports, and more)

Elevated Signals open API integrates with the best tools including:

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