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Cannabis Growers and Cultivators
Products & Services

Why IRIE Systems?

For Growers and Cultivators, IRIE Systems has an exciting lineup of products and services to help you grow your business and make your operations smoother. What's more? When you work with IRIE, you're working with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for the cannabis industry as you do.

S2S Software

Elevated Signals is a robust and user-friendly cannabis manufacturing software system (MES) that is specifically developed to help cannabis producers improve and gain full visilibyt of their operation processes.  Replacing paper-based processes, legacy S2S and ERP systems.

Elevated Signals is unique in the marketplace providing these benefits:

  • Automatic tracking of paperless, pharmaceutical-grade batch records

  • Inventory tracking (cannabis and non-cannabis)

  • Environmental sensor data

Image by Drew Taylor

Low Code Automation

More and more businesses are choosing to automate repetitive or manual front office and back office tasks to lower overhead, accelerate operations and free up staff to focus higher value activities to drive the business forward. Using a low code approach, automating tasks can be developed by resources without technical skills.


Here are just a few areas of operations that could benefit from adopting Low Code Automation:

  1. Automating manual, repetitive tasks

  2. Streamlining and automating workflow

  3. Customer services solutions

  4. Email and document processing

  5. Storage and archival

  6. Modernize legacy systems

Benefits of Low Code Automation:

  • User friendly, visual modelling

  • No specialized or technical resources required

  • Cost and time savings

  • Accelerated operations


Scheduling and Payroll Solution

Benefits of Kaya Push:

  • Payroll specifically created for the cannabis industry

  • Process payroll in 10 mins or less

  • Very competitive pricing per employee

  • Automate payroll processes

  • Early wage access

Using a Smartphone

Hiring & Onboarding Solution

Benefits of Kaya Push:

  • Retain employees with this easy to use software

  • Streamline your onboarding processes

  • Self-service employee onboarding

  • Hiring tools

  • Performance management information

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