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Low Code Automation

At IRIE Systems, we use robotic process automation (RPA) as a service to design and build automations that securely deploys on systems in less time and with less cost.

Below are some common business challenges and how low code automation can solve the problem.

Challenge A: Inconsistent, nonstandard, manual, and complex processes

Processes evolve to meet the changing demands of internal and external stakeholders and require the tools, skill sets and resources that you have available. As a result, processes are often used on an ad-hoc basis. Historically, automating and the inconsistent or non-standard processes can be time-consuming, overly complex and costly.

Solution A: Automated processes

Robotic process automation (RPA) easily replaces the manual steps with automated processes that eliminate the redundant and expensive manual work.


Challenge B: Financial errors and rework

Your finance function is often the unwilling recipient of errors created upstream and must be corrected. Simply automating an error-filled process just speeds up an inefficient process and amplifies the problem.

Solution B: Automatic identification and correction of errors

Our team, using RPA as a service will develop a solution that can identify and correct typical errors thereby eliminating rework.

Challenge C: Lack of knowledge and skills

Resources with the knowledge and experience to use tools to deploy automation tools may not be available - especially as new tools come to market on a constant basis. It can feel overwhelming.

Solution C: Your team at IRIE Systems

Not to worry. You don't need specialized IT resources. Our team, including project managers and business analysts, can design, build, run and implement your automation solution - quickly.

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