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Cannabis POS

Providing an exceptional cannabis retail experience for both customers and merchants can be the key to success. Cova Software is a multiple award-winning POS and an enterprise retail platform that is developed specifically for merchants in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis POS

Whether you're opening a single location, opening multiple locations across various states or provinces, operating online or you're driven by your home delivery services, Cova can help you run your business with inventory management, compliance, analytics, and reporting.

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Built-in ID Scanner and Age Verification

Customer iD is canned from the POS to verify age, create customer profiles and link to your loyalty program.

Customer Queue Management

Enable your staff to tap into customer insights including purchase history and preferences so they can provide a more personalized customer retail experience.

On-Demand Product Info

From product information to pricing and inventory, the COVA POS can elevate your bud tenders to the go-to, trusted resource for your customers.

Loyalty Program

We can help you implement and manage a perfect loyalty program for your dispensary's customers by using the Cova POS.

Offline Mode

The Cova POS can operate in offline mode meaning you don't have to worry about WI-FI issues.

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