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Audience Engagement

Never ask "Why" again. Never ask "Why do customers choose them over us?", "Why didn't that campaign convert as expected?", "Why aren't customers converting online?". The Apex Scoring System is the world's first customer experience measurement platform that can help answer those questions with quantifiable research that defines the strength of your relationship with your B2C or B2B audiences or employees. 

Apex Scoring System

Behavioural science is the foundation of the Apex Scoring System. By applying behavioural science, Apex reveals audience priorities and a brand's ideal strategic position, including: 

  • Get a complete an in-depth picture of how your audience feels when interacting with your company.

  • Enhance your business strategy with a psychological understanding of your audience's actions. 

  • Know what your audiences need from you with insights provided within hours along with access to historical insights. 

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Apex, NPS and CSAT

Apex is designed to augment your existing research or surveys including NPS and CSAT. Net Promotor Score (NPS) is another audience engagement tool. This tool is based on advocacy with one question: "How likely are you to recommend [X] to a friend or colleague?". The result of the NPS identifies audience satisfaction with an average score. The average score is an effective way to measure customer sentiment (assuming all the participants answered  honestly), however, the score is limited because there is no context or guidance on how to improve it.

Apex is superior because it is the only tool that uses behavioural science to give you the "why" beyond your score. Apex augments your NPS or CSAT activities with deeper measures that are based on beliefs and feelings (levers of loyalty) that can help NPS results to be better understood.

Nature of Loyalty

The Apex platform provides a score that is a measure of audience loyalty that is proven to predict various positive attitudes and behaviours. You can go deep inside the score to explore feelings and rational beliefs to understand how the score was calculated. 

Tracking Loyalty

The Apex platforms link your engagement activities against business outcomes by tacking two important behaviours: advocacy and intent.

Drivers of Loyalty

Understanding what is most important to your audience is critical because your audience wants a specific type of experience with you. Apex analyses data to reveal what is most important to your audience by grouping attitudes that highlight the type of relationship that your audience is seeking. For example, you may find that your audience wants you to deliver more purpose-related attitudes.

Don't Just Say You're Audience-Centric, 

Live It.

IRIE Systems operates with a primary focus on the customer and partners with companies that are values-driven. IRIE Systems partnered with Apex Scoring System because their product is unique and our respective companies are mutually aligned with values. The Apex Scoring System was developed on one simple premise that each decision should service your customer first.

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