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High Value Digital Solutions and Services

for the Cannabis Industry


Why IRIE Systems?

We are a team of experienced and highly curious professionals that desire to create something very raw, genuine, and unique. Our team has helped hundreds of organizations solve business problems. From optimizing processes to rationalizing technology investments, our trusted advisors are here for you. We are excited to bring our experience to the cannabis industry with our unique blend of products and services.

Our Purpose

We desire to create amazing experiences, not only for our clients, but also for our employees and for the communities that we immerse ourselves in. We want to create an organization that, in its simplicity, values:

  • The lost art of listening to our clients

  • Unpretentiousness to engage

  • Humbleness and graciousness

  • People ahead of profits

  • Fun, quirky and diverse team members

Our Solutions are Ideal For:

Our Partners:

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